Friday, December 02, 2011

Baby Belly #2 - Week 35

Oh the boy is growing. I've officially reached the "I CAN'T POSSIBLY GET ANY BIGGER" stage. And yet, oh sad day, I will. For five more weeks I will stretch more. 

It's a weird thing to miss being pregnant after the fact, because during these last few weeks I'm so DONE being pregnant that I can hardly remember what it feels like to have abs and a waist.

People have asked if Cason's movement feels the same as Cannon's when he was in utero. Cason doesn't feel any more active than Cannon (which I'm hoping bodes well for another chill baby) but his movements are different.

Cannon would roll his heel back and forth across my abdomen. I could follow Cannon's feet with my hands. Cason often feels like he's marching or stomping or river dancing.  By the time I try to press my hand on his little foot it's gone, or in another spot. Sometimes I wonder if he's already throwing little temper tantrums of protest from the inside. I'm dying to discover Cason's little personality and watch his feet kick and flail in my arms.

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