Thursday, December 01, 2011

3-in-30 Nov/Dec

3in30 Challenge
December Goals:
  1. Freeze Meals
    I don't really have the energy to do a full day of cooking for the entire month, and we're still eating frozen meals from November, so I would just like to batch cook a few favorite recipes to store in the freezer once baby boy arrives and meals from friends have stopped coming.
  2. Put Together Birth Center Bags
    I don't need to pack nearly as much for our birth at the Allen Birth Center since we'll only stay about six hours after delivery, but I still need to get a few things together for me and the new baby. I also want to set aside a few things for labor that we might need so Danny doesn't have to go running all over the house looking for the relaxing music, trying to find the honey packets, or searching for the rice sock.
  3. Wash Newborn Clothes
    I can't believe it's time to get down Cannon's newborn clothes for his little brother. They are going to look so tiny!

November Goals Recap:
  1. Clean out office and rearrange house.
    We got the desk moved into the office and Cannon's big boy twin bed set up, but the office is still a big pile of clutter than needs to be attacked!
  2. Create a master cleaning list.
    This was much easier than I anticipated and I feel ready to tackle housekeeping with two kids in 2012 having made this list. You can see the master cleaning list on Evernote, which includes weekly chores (a printable weekly chore checklist that I plan to laminate and put on the fridge to check off with a dry erase marker), a monthly cleaning schedule (which I put into Google Calendar to remind me what chores are due), and then a few random chores that only needed to be completed once a year. 
  3. Get Christmas cards ready!
    Actually, most of you should have gotten these in the mail already!

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