Thursday, December 01, 2011

Our Family This Month (November 2011)

November was yet again a busy month for us. We are all excited for the holidays to arrive and for Baby Boy #2 to get here because it will mean maternity/paternity leave and rest for all.

Danny was accepted into the Leadership Development Program at work this month. That means more exposure to different aspects of the insurance business, more responsibility on different projects, and a great opportunity to grow and learn. He's about worn out from working full-time and taking two classes, so he is very ready for this semester to be over (as am I!). This month he got his nose out of the books for a few evenings and made a beautiful corn hole set thanks to some birthday money. I'm sure you'll see pictures soon on the blog as he plans on carting it to all parties and family functions.

This month was my last push too get things done before Baby #2 arrives because I was anticipating needing to slow down in December and BOY was I right. By the end of November I felt huge and tired. I crocheted up a storm in the hopes of earning a little extra income for Christmas and even sold a few items on Etsy, which was very exciting.

Both Danny and I celebrated birthdays this month and we are now BOTH officially in our 30s which sounds crazy old. We had small, simple celebrations with the family.

Danny and I took Cannon on our 25th Quarterly Review this month to a little cabin in east Texas where we enjoyed reading, crocheting, eating and drinking hot chocolate by the huge fireplace. Pictures/blog post coming shortly. It was refreshing to get out of town and Cannon enjoyed the change of scenery - mainly riding four wheelers and golf carts with Daddy.

Cannon started trying to mimic what we say this month which is both exciting and terrifying. His little words are absolutely adorable (think: wawa for water, buboo for blue bunny, nie nie for night night, etc.) but you never know what he's picking up! The other day I sneezed and I could have sworn that he said "ba boo" for bless you! I'm sure he'll seem even more grown up once his little brother arrives and I realize how fast he's changed over the last 17 months.

Baby Boy #2 is head down, kicking up a storm and just putting on fat this month. All of his growth and vitals have been great at my midwife appointments so pray he's growing healthy and strong these last few weeks.

And that's us this month.

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