Thursday, December 01, 2011

Favorite Links This Month (November 2011)

Delicious Bookmarks:

TidyMom: Cleaning Schedule
Need inspiration for creating your own cleaning schedule/checklist? This is just one of many I reference to make sure I wasn't leaving anything out!

Rocks in My Dryer: More About the Jesse Tree
You can find all kinds of blogs about Advent and the Jesse Tree online, but I thought she shared a few good resources.

Josh Harris: Homeschool Blindspots
Having been homeschooled, and as we think forward to possibly homeschooling our children, I found this post from a former homeschool father quiet interesting. It's long but insightful.

Pinterest Pins:

Big Art Projects for Kids
I can't wait to settle into life again (not be pregnant, not be exhausted from a newborn) and do some of these messy, messy art projects with Cannon.

DIY Growth Chart
I think this would be awesome (and easy) to make for the boys room to start tracking their growth. And then we can take it with us if we ever move!

Make Magnets out of an Old Map
This looks so fun and education and easy!

Laundry Basket Photographs
You know me - I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for fun ways to documents my kids' lives weekly/monthly/etc! Might have to try this out with the new baby.

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