Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big Brother Cannon

Big Brother Cannon -

I don't think either of us realized what an adjustment, a beautiful adjustment, adding your little brother to the family would be for you and me. Every so often you'll cry to be held, but I just can't because I'm taking care of Cason, and then I cry too because I can't be there for you in all the ways I was before January 6, 2012. 

It seems like you've grown up overnight into my little helper. You are the first to ear Canon's little coos (or screams) when he wakes up from his naps. You point and run down the hall to the bedroom, looking over your shoulder to make sure I'm following close behind. Daddy showed you how to pull your stool up to the end of the pack n' play and you diligently hand me a wipe every time we change Cason's diaper. Sometimes you'll even suggest on your own, by signing "diaper," that we check Cason's diaper. You LOVE patting Cason on the back when I burp him and ask to hold him multiple times a day - EVEN when he's crying! I'm waiting to see how long that one lasts.

I LOVE how you LOVE your brother. You cannot go to bed without giving him a kiss goodnight. When Cason is having a little tummy time on the floor, you get down on your belly face to face with him to see what he's doing. You want to include him in what your doing, from reading your Elmo book, to making sure we put his carrier in the car, to "talking" to Dada on the iPhone . . .

Can we just note the mess in our bedroom: the vacuum, the toys, the unmade bed, and the towel? Life with a newborn at its finest and my feeble attempt to choose my children over housework.

And finally, a little Moby-wrap love. This is how Cason spends a good chunk of his day and I love it.

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