Friday, January 13, 2012


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I didn't know how Cannon was going to react to Cason's arrival. He'd never shown any signs of jealously when I held other babies and really didn't give any babies we were around more than a passing glance. 

He is, however, VERY attentive and protective of his baby brother and is the first to alert me when Cason's makes the tiniest squawk of a cry. Over night he has become my sidekick, my little helper. He hands me wipes when I change Cason's diaper; he picks up burp clothes I drop; he pats Cason on the back when I'm burping him.

And, for the first time Cannon wanted to hold Cason. He kept pointing at Cason and then pointing at his arm and it took several rounds of guesses to conclude what he wanted, but once we did he was all smiles.

What does it say about us, that at any given moment ALL of my boys are dressed in camo/green/brown as if perpetually coordinating for an impromptu photoshoot!?

Look, Cason has a nose too!

And toes too!

Does it get any sweeter? Can I bottle up time and save this moment?

But watch out! When Cannon's done holding, he's done holding. And he let's you know by signing "all done" which consequently happens to be a wave of both hands in the air. Good catch Danny!

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