Friday, January 13, 2012

Letters to Cason: The One Where You Turn One Week Old

Sweet Boy -

You are my littlest and you're already seven days old. All we've done for the last week is snuggle. I think I've barely set you down, barely had to swaddle you and barely let you sleep alone and yet I can't believe we're already celebrating one week of your life. I think I'm afraid to put you down for fear that I'll turn around and you'll be grown up.

Today as I held you I tried to imagine you growing up. I could never have imagined the little personality and imagination that your brother has today, and I wonder about all of the plans that the Lord has for your life. Your Dad and I dream about the things that you and Cannon will do together. We hope that you'll be the best of friends and yet if you're completely different that's okay too.  I can't wait to see you smile with a twinkle in your eyes, learn to sign and talk, take your first step and start to figure out what you want and like.

I love you little guy. I wish I could tell you not to grow up too fast. Until thing I'm going to stay here, with you snoozing on my chest, kissing your newborn head, feeling the rise and fall of your chest with every little breath and try to hold even tighter to this moment.

- Mom

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