Sunday, January 08, 2012

Cannon at 18 Months

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No new clothes news - he's still primarily wearing 18-24 months with them fitting a little bit big.

Cannon has hit his napping stride. The key is getting out of the house and wearing him out. Most days he naps beautifully for about three hours (1:00 pm - 4:00 pm). It's my sanity because I nap with him!

Little man is getting pickier with his eating this month. He's refusing to eat most vegetables and meats and sticks to whatever fruits and carbs we'll give him. We've cut out pretty much all dairy except milk and all carbs except the occasional whole grain bread due to his constipation. We've been putting a ton of fresh fruit, vegetables, beans and oatmeal in front of him every day. He's quite persistent though, so staying consistent despite the whining for "more" can be grating.

Cannon is now saying words while he signs them. He could probably retain a new sign every single day, except that we've exhausted my sign language repertoire so I have to take the time to look up new signs on the computer.

And we're up to 15 teeth. Cannon started cutting his top right eye tooth this month, along with the top and bottom eye teeth on the left side, but don't appear to bother him too much.

Cannon LOVES his Eric Carle books and the Elmo's Potty Book that he got for Christmas. His attention span is increasing so he'll sit longer to read. He has LOVED cooking in his kitchen and hammering things on his workbench.

Cannon got his first big "boo boo" when he slipped on the hard wood floor and knocked his forehead on the hearth. I didn't see what happened and only realized why he was crying when the knot started swelling after a few minutes. I tried to put ice on it, but Cannon would have none of that. It turned into a lovely black/blue bruise over the course of the new few days.

Cannon and I shared a lovely cold this month. We both came down with it the week before Christmas. I thought Cannon's congestion had cleared by a few days after Christmas it came back in addition to him poking at his ear. So we went to the doctor and start an antibiotic since he had the start of an ear infection.

We've also battled constipation this month and have been changing everything in his diet to even things out. We were finally advised to keep him on a daily dose of Miralax and that has made everything much better.

Cannon's Signs:
  • more (2/18/11)
  • milk (4/12/11)
  • all done (7/4/11)
  • eat (7/31/11)
  • help (9/23/11)
  • hurt (9/24/11)
  • dog (9/30/11)
  • thank you (10/4/11)
  • water (10/21/11)
  • ball (10/27/11)
  • shoes (10/27/11)
  • socks (10/28/11)
  • diaper (11/2/11)
  • dada (11/7/11)
  • mama (11/8/11)
  • sleepy (11/8/11)
  • up
  • down
  • bird
  • fish
  • banana
  • hat
  • drink
  • yes (12/1/11)
  • apple (12/28/11)
  • open (12/29/11)
Cannon's Words:
  • mama (4/16/11)
  • dada
  • ball (ba)
  • bird (bi)
  • balloon (ba)
  • more (moooore)
  • down (doon)
  • hot (ha - 11/1/11)
  • blue bunny (bu boo - 12/13/11)
  • bacon (bubu - 11/13/11)
  • bless you (ba boo - 11/3/11)
  • water (wa wa - 12/13/11)
  • uh oh (12/14/11)
  • apple (apble - 12/28/11)
  • open (opa - 12/29/11)
  • touchdown (ta da - 1/8/11)

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