Friday, January 20, 2012

Cason - Day 14

Oh my peacefully sleeping son -

It seems I can't get enough of your slumbering cuddles. I fear you'll never sleep on your own, not because you can't but because I never put you down. If you're not in the wrap then we're lounging on the couch. I love feeling your faint little breath on my cheek, feeling your feet wiggle against my arms, and watch the flutter of your eyes as you awaken. I suppose one day I'll set you down and let you crawl and maybe even walk, but for now, while you fit in my arms, there you'll stay.

At two weeks old, we've started cloth diapering Cason! Our small Thirsties covers and one-size Bum Genius Elemental diapers fit great around his little thighs and waist. It took us 24 days to introduce Cannon to cloth diapers, but we're pros at doing laundry these days, so we weren't quite as intimidated this time around.

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