Friday, January 20, 2012

Fun with Nana Linda

Reading with Nana Linda is HILARIOUS because she does ALL of the sound effects.

Oh Cannon. I wish I could capture the way your face lights up when I tell you we're going to Nana's house. Your first response is usually, "Papa?!" You LOVE your grandparents. I'm not sure what you love more; the tickles from Papa, the hugs from Nana, the never-ending game of chase you play with Chanel, the cool tricks Uncle Joey teaches you (ie: how to unlock the iPhone) or the new toys that always appearing at their house. Regardless, you never bat an eye at being left at Nana & Papa's house, in fact you're usually the first to say "bye bye" and run into the house to play. 

Our mothers have made the transition to having two children under two years old bearable. They have both cooked meals and dropped everything to take Cannon for a morning playdate. I don't know how I would have maintained my sanity without those afternoon naps or the break from the exhausting pace at which Cannon asks questions and makes a mess.

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