Friday, January 20, 2012

Cason - Week 2

I forgot to mention in last week's picture, that I'm putting Cason in the same onesie that Cannon ended his weekly photos wearing. So, that will be our gauge on Cason's size. We can watch him grow into it!

Cason slept for 3 hours stretches during the night this weekend. Here's to hoping it's the beginning of a beautiful trend!

Cason "seems" to be handling my crazy milk supply a little bit better this week, although we still have periods of gulping, gasping, choking and messy spit ups.

At 13 days old, Cason's little umbilical cord fell off. 

Danny and I took our first trip to the park with both boys this weekend. I carried Cason in the Baby K'tan and Danny chased Cannon around the park.

We also had Cason's newborn (and family) pictures taken by Valerie Atkins Photography when Cason was 10 days old.

Cannon's 2 Week Picture

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