Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh Happy Glammy Day

What do you get when Glammy's in town (other than everything?!)? 

The childhood rite of passage: your very own and first Happy Meal!

Cannon knew exactly what to do with that box of chicken nuggets. That red box with golden arch handles brings back many childhood memories of special outings with a parent and spinning myself nausea on the playground equipment. Oh the simple fried joys of being a child.

I also wanted to make note that Cannon's getting more and more imaginative, and usually it's Blue Bunny that's along for the ride. I found Cannon and Blue Bunny sitting on a bench (aka: Mr. Monkey) having a nice little post-nap conversation. How cue that Cannon sits Blue Bunny up like a little friend to talk to him.

Guess who just walked into the room? DADDY!!!!!!

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