Thursday, February 09, 2012

Even Blue Bunnies Need a Snack

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Some days both boys wake up from their naps at the same time and need ALL OF MY ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY. And, on those days I am a "fabulous" mother and shove the entire bag of raisins in Cannon's hands to pacify him for just a minute so I can change Cason's diaper and nurse.

After calming down the youngest Stiller boy, I turn around and see the scene below. Apparently Blue Bunny was hungry too. More and more I'm finding Blue Bunny tagging along on our adventures. He eats with us at the table. He goes for rides in Cason's car carrier. He's even been known to get a diaper change or be adorned with a t-shirt. He's Cannon's baby while I'm taking care of my baby.

When Cannon's not feeding Blue Bunny, I turn around and find him lounging in Cason's bouncer . . . with Blue Bunny and a tractor. OF COURSE. 

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