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Cannon at 19 Months

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Oh my stars! Does it get any cuter than that? That's a Danny Stiller face right there if I've ever seen one.

Cannon's wearing 18 month and 24 month clothes. 24 month pants are still too long, but fit great over his cloth diapers. I'm sure he'll love looking back and realizing I told the world that when he's older. 

Sleeping 11-12 hours every night (8:00 pm - 8:00 am) and one nice long nap in the afternoon (usually 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm)

We've officially entered the PICKY EATER stage. The only green vegetable I can get down him are peas. He will eat carrots, but other than that we're hard pressed to get vegetables into him. He still LOVES all fruits, but is hesitant to try different meats. Chicken is the most delectable to his palate. I try to just serve him a healthy variety of foods and not give in when he whines for something else or for more bananas when he hasn't touched the rest of his meal. It's hard being consistent!

Cannon has started repeating EVERYTHING we say - or trying to at least. You can't necessarily understand the words - but you can recognize sounds and intonations. He is also saying a TON of animal sounds (monkey, pig, duck, lion, tiger) thanks to our Melissa & Doug animal fridge magnets. He can also identify and say tiger/tata, fish/shi, dog/oofoff, cat/tat, and cow/oooo. (New signs and words are in bold below.)

We've plateaued at 16 teeth - all molars and eye teeth are in, so hopefully we'll have a break until the 2 year molars.

LOVES playing with Blue Bunny. He reads books to Blue Bunny, props Blue Bunny up at his table and feeds him with a spoon after cooking in his kitchen, and even shares his snacks with Blue Bunny. His imagination is growing!

He loves helping me with Cason - he's right there handing me wipes, running to the bedroom when Cason cries, picking up things I've dropped, helping me pat/burp Cason and rocking/bouncing Cason in his carrier or bouncer.

Did I mention he doesn't like vegetables?

He also doesn't like it when I can't hold him or pick him up because I'm taking care of Cason, and that has brought out a nice whiny side to his personality.

At his 18 month appointment, Cannon weighed in at 25 lbs 2 oz (40%) and measured 32.5" long (60%). 

Cannon gets half a capful of Miralax every morning with his milk which has made life much better!

Cannon got his first haircut this month! No more curly mullet thanks to James the barber.

We started transitioning Cannon to the big boy bed this month (2/7/12). We started with naps and he did great - only got up twice and only needed one spanking.

Cannon's Signs:
  1. more (2/18/11)
  2. milk (4/12/11)
  3. all done (7/4/11)
  4. eat (7/31/11)
  5. help (9/23/11)
  6. hurt (9/24/11)
  7. dog (9/30/11)
  8. thank you (10/4/11)
  9. water (10/21/11)
  10. ball (10/27/11)
  11. shoes (10/27/11)
  12. socks (10/28/11)
  13. diaper (11/2/11)
  14. dada (11/7/11)
  15. mama (11/8/11)
  16. sleepy (11/8/11)
  17. up
  18. down
  19. bird
  20. fish
  21. banana
  22. hat
  23. drink
  24. yes (12/1/11)
  25. apple (12/28/11)
  26. open (12/29/11)
  27. poopy (1/19/12)
  28. grapes (1/24/12)
  29. music (2/3/12)
  30. clock (2/6/12)
Cannon's Words:
  1. mama (4/16/11)
  2. dada
  3. ball (ba)
  4. bird (bi)
  5. balloon (ba)
  6. more (moooore)
  7. down (doon)
  8. hot (ha - 11/1/11)
  9. blue bunny (bu boo - 12/13/11)
  10. bacon (bubu - 11/13/11)
  11. bless you (ba boo - 11/3/11)
  12. water (wa wa - 12/13/11)
  13. uh oh (12/14/11)
  14. apple (apble - 12/28/11)
  15. open (opa - 12/29/11)
  16. touchdown (ta da - 1/8/11)
  17. NO NO NO! (1/31/12)
  18. hammer (hama - 2/3/12)
  19. bite (baaaa - 2/5/12)
  20. yummy (maa maaa - 2/5/12)
  21. clock (tock - 2/6/12)
  22. knock knock (not not - 2/6/12)

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