Saturday, March 31, 2012

February & March 2012 Reading List

Okay - who am I kidding? The 2012 Reading List is getting thrown out the window. I NEVER get to read while nursing like I did with Cannon. If anyone out there has tips for reading while nursing all while a toddler piles books on your lap because he wants to read too let me know. Until then I'll just settle in for reading a book a month!

3. Babywise Book 2 by Gary Ezzo
This was a pretty basic overview of five-12 months old. I might have gained more from this book had it actually read it when Cannon was around six months old. However, I think I read more detailed books on feeding, sleeping, etc. so this book really didn't provide any new information. I did appreciate the reminder to "begin as you mean to go" and the encouragement that teaching my child self-control is a very valuable parenting goal.

4. Toddlerwise by Gary Ezzo
I appreciated this book. Again, I don't necessary agree with EVERYTHING, just like I didn't agree with EVERYTHING in Babywise, but I did appreciate the structure and authority presented in this book. I KNOW in my head that I am Cannon's authority, but sometimes when in you're in the nitty gritty of the day with the whining and crying you start to doubt yourself. I thought this was a much better read than Babywise II.

5. Pottywise by Gary Ezzo
Again, I'm on a baby/toddler/pottywise kick. I liked this approach to potty training. The book was a little wordy and repetitive, but I thought the principles presented were good. I liked that they talked about rewarding your child for staying clean and dry, not just for using the bathroom. They also gave several approaches ranging from training in just a few days to a more relaxed approach of training over the coarse of several weeks. They did emphasize that once you start it's best to be consistent and stick with it. Don't waffle back and forth between diapers and underwear.

6. The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson

Finally finished this book. I enjoyed this book and thought her stories and examples were encouraging. I particularly enjoyed the "Something to Try . . ." at the end of each chapter as it brought a practical aspect to the principles and ideas she wrote about. I was inspired by her approach to loving her children. She didn't just discipline them, she took the time to note if they were having a bad day, to observe if behavior was simply caused by immaturity or a lack of discipline, and she entered their world and listened to what they were interested in. What a beautiful picture of motherhood she painted! I also loved how they sought to serve and play together. Instead of all of the kids doing individual sports, they went camp, skiing and did recreational activities together, as a family!

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