Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Family This Month (March 2012)

In March life started to settle into a new normal.

Cason is starting to sleep longer stretches at night, only waking once or twice to nurse, which, after waking up every two to three hours, six hours feels like heaven. He is smiling, cooing, filling out, and looking more like a baby than a newborn. His little personality is starting to show and we LOVE making him smile and his eyes sparkle.

Cannon is talking up a storm . . . in "Cannon language" but he talks non-stop. He signs to tell us about different animals, different foods, and to communicate what he wants to do. I just know that I'm going to wake up one day and realize that I can understand his words and he's talking more than he's signing. Hopefully by then he'll be helping me teach Cason how to sign "milk" all over again! Cannon's enjoying the park, helping Daddy work in the garage and reading his books.

This month I rejoined my LensBaby and 2010 Baby Meetup Groups. We try to get out once in the morning to see friends, stretch our legs and just get out of the house. We purchased a Bob Revolution Duallie this month, so I am starting to run again! It feels fabulous to get out and feel sore again. I also organized a freezer meal co-op this month. Instead of killing myself cooking for a whole day, six of us make two meals each (enough for everyone) and then get together to swap meals. We all go home with 12 new meals for our freezer. They were delicious and lasted us more than the entire month, so we'll be swapping again!

Danny's been trying out a new hobby of brewing beer with one of his buddies. They made inaugural batch and are now perfecting the taste with a second. He's also had more time taking care of both boys by himself as I get out of the house for a break, to blog, for a photoshoot, or for a knitting/crochet group. He handles them like a pro and Cannon LOVES his "daddy and me" time!

Happy Spring!

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