Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brothers on the Floor

Cannon has gone thru several phases in his four months as "Big Brother." 

There was the "he's new and little and I want to hold him on my lap" phase.

There's been the "the newness has worn off please put him down and hold me" phase.

And we're currently in the "you're not big enough to play with me, so I'll get down on your level phase."  

This one might just be my favorite yet. Any time Cason is on the floor, Cason has to lay down right next to him. He's also been known to bring Cason a toy to share. I'll find the poor baby with a pot on his belly because Cannon is trying to cook with him. I hope that's an indicator of many years of playtime to come.

I have a feeling that the next phase we're about to hit is the "you're taking to long to roll over so let me help you" phase. Cannon will often see Cason on his side and come tearing across the room yelling "HEP? HEP? HEP?" followed by a good push to help Cason with the last little roll over his shoulder. I can't decide if it's cute or dangerous. :-)

Look! This child has a neck!

And, it won't be long before these blue eyes are brown. They are already turning a cool hazel color in the middle. Can you tell? 

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