Friday, April 27, 2012

Cason - Week 16

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We made a trip to see Dr. McElroy this week and Cason weighed in at 15lbs 15 oz. I KNEW he was growing. Wow! He seems to be growing so much faster than Cannon, but then again I feel like the days are FLYING by.

He's wearing 3 and 6 month outfits/onesies and 6 month footed pjs.

Still eating around five times a day and taking three naps a day.

Sleeping longer stretches and waking up once, maybe twice a night.

Still eats every three hours.

Coos, squeals and grunts.


LOVES people like no other. He's beams when anyone makes eye contact with him.

No new disklikes that I can think of this week.

Cason's fever went down on it's own this weekend, but then he woke up hoarse one morning. After four days of being hoarse I took him to the doctor. I know it wasn't cry induced (I'm a fan of a little "crying it out" but definitely not enough to make a baby hoarse!). Dr. McElroy said he looked great, so it was probably just a little bug that would resolve itself on it's own.

Cason's becoming more and more aware of his hands and feet. He watches them move as he waves them back and forth.

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