Friday, April 27, 2012

The Splashpad

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We are fully prepared to spend every day this summer at the pool or a splashpad. The swimsuits and towels go straight from the dryer to the swim bag in the car. I have a mesh wrap so I can wear Cason in the water and a life jacket for Cannon so I we can all safely enjoy the water this summer. I don't know how to survive a summer in Texas without being in the water - so we are prepared. 

I was so excited to hit up the splashpad this year. Last year was a bit of a dud considering Cannon couldn't walk. 

Well, our first time out in the water and Cannon spent it running around the blue tiled wall. He really wanted nothing to do with the fountains. My only consolation is that he gets braver every time we go, so maybe by the end of the summer we'll actually be getting wet!

This is Cannon showing off his jumping skills to his little friend. They were best buds, as neither wanted to get wet.

And that, dear friends, is as wet as he got this day. One finger!

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