Friday, April 06, 2012

Cason at 3 Months

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Scooter (a.k.a Cason Reed Stiller),

Yes, you get a nickname too.

I can’t believe how quickly three months have passed since you were born.  It seems like only yesterday that Nana and I got the call at 3:15 in the morning informing us that your arrival was imminent.  We just didn’t know how imminent as we received another call only an hour later that you had made your arrival.  We quickly dressed and hurried to the Allen Birthing Center to meet you for the first time.

I was going to “complain” to Mom and Dad that I hadn’t gotten to see you enough, but we got some time on Saturday and yesterday (Easter) to hang out.  I can’t believe how much you’ve grown and developed in three short months.  From the day you were born you’ve had beautiful bright eyes exploring everything around you.  I’ve learned that you like to be upright.  When you’re a little upset, I can take you outside for a walk.  But, you don’t like to lie back.  You like being upright so you can see everything in its proper perspective.  Also, when we sit in my chair, you’re most content when you sit upright in my arm and can watch the activity taking place around you.  Lying down just doesn’t cut it.

I was just looking at some pictures of you and Boomer.  I look forward to watching the two of you grow up together.  You have this wonderful opportunity to have a brother who is not much older than you.  You’ll always have a built-in best “bud.”

Papa Bill

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