Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Family This Month (April 2012)

Life is flying by. How are we already to May? I think that the more children you have the faster time passes. The Dugger's life must seem like a blink! :-)

The boys and I have been getting out of the house most mornings. We enjoy a jog to the park, a walk with a friend, or a play date with a meetup group. I'm getting in the rhythm of loading up two kids, a stroller and a picnic lunch into the car and am adjusting to everything just taking longer.

At the beginning of the month we ventured out to the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas for their Free First Saturday event. It was an unusually cool Spring day and we thoroughly enjoyed the morning. Cannon explored the statues and Danny and I enjoyed the slow morning outdoors.

We celebrated Easter with a Reeder Family dinner, but other than that the month was pretty quiet. Our evenings are filled with diapers, reading books, putting dinner on the table, bath time and bedtime. And by the time we sit down to breath it's somehow already 9 pm.

It was a busy month for still:life photography as I photographed the Great Cloth Diaper Change and worked on a few other photo shoots. I find it's a little crazy trying to find balance between family and a small business.

And that was April.

**A few out takes for your morning chuckle. Yes, that's spit up all down Cason's onesie. I've completely given up to having him in clean clothes.**

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