Monday, April 30, 2012

Toddler Summer "Camp"

In case you missed the announcement on Facebook: 

I'm stealing my friend, Gara's, fabulous idea and thinking about coordinating a toddler summer "camp" for kids ages 2-3 this summer and would love for you to join me!

Here are the details:
  • Wednesdays, 9am-Noon
  • There will be 5 camp days (less depending on how many sign up). The dates are: 6/6, 6/20, 7/11, 7/25, and 8/8.
  • Every mom will partner up with two other moms to host a camp day. It can be at your house or at an alternate location of your choice (like a church gym). You will be responsible for coming up with all activities and providing a mid-morning snack for the children. To keep it simple, no money will exchange hands, i.e, you pay for the supplies for your day and call it even.
  • The theme this summer will be "The Five Senses." Each camp day will cover a different sense (may have to have two senses on one day if we only do 4 weeks). Try to gear your activities around that sense. 
If you're interested let me know (on Facebook or via email).

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