Thursday, May 31, 2012

3-in-30 May/June

3in30 Challenge 
June Goals:
  1. Get back on my weekly cleaning schedule.
  2. Order Cason's maternity/birth/newborn photo book (just like the one I made for Cannon).
  3. Keep up with blogging a little bit better. (I don't have to blog in real time, but six weeks behind is a little bit much.)

January Goals Recap:
  1. Cuddle Cason.
  2. Play with Cannon.
  3. Adjust to having two kids!
I haven't done a 3-in-30 post since the beginning of January, before Cason was born, so I had to go back that far to see if I accomplished my goals. I definitely cuddled with Cason and played with Cannon. As for adjusting to two kids. We're five months in and I'm still not sure I can say I've "adjusted!" That might just be a work in progress.

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