Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Family This Month (May 2012)

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For my Dad's birthday, we gave him a card that said, "Your present is coming." Mom and Mandy immediately thought we were pregnant because that's how we announced that Cannon was coming. Only, I really did just ordered Dad's book late from Amazon and didn't want to pay the next day shipping charges.

Well, what I'm about to tell you might have the same affect. May was a big month for our family. No, we are not pregnant . . . do you see a sidewalk chalk videos anywhere in this post?

We kicked off the month with Cason sleeping through the night (until 5:30 am) for the first time! WHOOP! Following that we took the boys on their first trip to the Dallas Zoo (the above picture is from our tram ride around the zoo). We had our normal play dates, meetup groups, our monthly freezer meal co-op (which I think I'm enjoying more than my marathon day of cooking!), and enjoyed celebrating my brother's (Jonathan) graduation from UTD with his Mechanical Engineering degree.

My second Mother's Day was celebrated with brunch at Blue Mesa followed by an evening photo shoot with my boys (photos coming shortly). It's crazy to think that last year on my first Mother's Day I had one baby and this year on my second Mother's Day I had two boys. I told Danny was can stop the trend for next year's Mother's Day.

The big news this month: Danny graduated from DTS! Long story short, Danny went in to speak with an advisor about his courses back in December. She worked with him and he was able to cash in all of his hours to graduate with the MABS (Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies). He had already missed the deadline to walk the stage in December, so we celebrated as a family this month. The boys and I watched the ceremony from cry room (no amount of treats/snacks/ipod apps can keep a toddler still through a two hour graduation ceremony) but we still managed to watch Danny/Daddy on the live video feed. I'll tell you that it was the cutest thing to hear Cannon yell "DADA!" when Danny received his diploma and walked across the stage/tv. I won't tell you that he yelled out "DADA!" for dozens of other men before that. Apparently caps and gowns make everyone look very similar. We are very proud of Danny for five years of hard work and a degree well earned. And we are very glad to be done with the homework and classes!

Now, onto June . . .

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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