Monday, June 04, 2012

My Little Big Boy

Cannon -

You are currently drilling up a storm in your play kitchen. Every piece of fruit and every single dish is getting a good "fixin."

I wanted to write you a little note and tell you what a beautiful little helper you have become before I forget and before you tire of being my little aid. I can ask you to go into the bedroom and grab me a burp cloth and you run and get it for me. You pick up things I drop and hand me things when I ask for them. Your favorite thing is to buckle your brother's straps after I put him in his car seat. And while Cason is too big for you to pick up, that doesn't stop you from trying.

You are such a wonderful protector of your brother. Sometimes I'll put him in his carrier and then head out of the door to load up the car with the diaper bag, water bottle, and everything else we need to leave the house. You always run after me calling out "Bebe! Bebe! Bebe!" worried that I'm leaving Cason behind. You are the first to hear Cason's little cries from the bedroom and often quick to notice that he's spit up and let me know with a sweet "uh oh."

I love watching you and Cason interact. You often get on the floor with him or lay on his activity mat and show him how to play with the hanging toys. You make Cason giggle and laugh with your tickles. You even been known to share Blue Bunny with Cason when he's crying. What a sweetheart you are and a rare gift for your brother.

Speaking of Blue Bunny, he's become quite the side kick lately. We've dressed Blue Bunny in Cason's shirt, we've diapered him for the night, you've given him a "bath" and it's a regular occurrence for Blue Bunny to join us at the dinner table and for you to share your meal with him. I want to get pictures of all of things you do with Blue Bunny and make a little "Adventures of Blue Bunny" book for us to giggle at for years to come.

You've currently moved on from drilling to piling all of the fruit and vegetables from your kitchen into your car and your driving everything around the living room. You are working with such purpose. I can't wait for the day you can articulate what's going on in that little head of yours.

I love you Cannon. I know I don't get to hold, cuddle and play with you as much these days, and sometimes I think that you don't understand why, but my love for you hasn't changed. You are developing into a little person right before my very eyes and some days I can't believe how much you change, grow, learn and absorb every day.

You will always be my first baby boy.


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