Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Cannon at 25 Months

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We had Cannon's two-year well-child check up with the pediatrician. He checked in at 30 lbs (75%) and 35 inches tall (75%).

Pretty much all 24 Months and 2T clothes.

Sleeps 10-11 hours at night and 2-3 hours at his nap. 

He's been waking up earlier and earlier and earlier. My good sleeper use to sleep to 8 am every morning, then he gradually work up 30 minutes earlier every few days until he's awake by 6 am. We're using a timer on the lamp in his bedroom and working to train him to stay in bed until the lamp turns on (at 7 am).

Eats great some days; eats nothing the next day. When he does eat he'll usually eat a nice variety of foods though.

Picking up new words right and left. He has started saying "dubba" in response to any question when he doesn't know the answer. It took us awhile to figure out what he was doing/saying. We even asked him to repeat "I don't know" and it sounds nothing like "dubba" so we think he just made up his own filler word.

He also started saying "Daddy" instead of "Dada" this month. I'm sure "Mommy" is not far behind, but I've been extra intentional to call myself "Mama" because he just sounds so grown up saying "Daddy."

18 TEETH! The second 2-year molar is popping through on his bottom left. So, now he has two big molars on the bottom with still no signs of any on the top.

He loves measuring things with Danny's tape measure and then walking around with it clipped to his shorts. He wants to be just like Daddy!

Cannon's also discovered that he loves to wash his hands in the sink. Every time we have to clean out a dirty diaper in the bathroom, we always wash our hands afterwards. He stands on his little stool and we walk through wetting our hands, soaping up our hands, rinsing our hands and drying off our hands. 

Apparently Cannon does not like sleep as he's waking up earlier each morning (either that or he doesn't like mom to have any sleep because I'm exhausted!). 

He didn't pass his first hearing test at the pediatrician's office, but when the doctor double-checked everything sounded great. I'm not sure what that was about because the child can hear an airplane/trash truck/bus/ice cream man/bump in the night from a mile away. He'll often call out something that we can't see and it will take me a minute to listen carefully and hear what he's heard. So, I'm not worried in the slightest about his hearing. 

Other than turning TWO YEARS OLD, Cannon didn't have any major milestones this month.

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