Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Family This Month (August 2012)

**We forgot to take a little family photo this month.**

August has been our "slow down" month.

I started training for the Dallas Half Marathon with my friends, Ryley and Susan. So, instead of doing meetup groups almost every morning, the boys and I are getting out the door early for a run, followed by some playground time for Cannon. I run with the kiddos three times a week, and then on Saturday we do a "long run" and Danny gets to take the boys so I run light and free! We're up to six miles and I'm starting to feel like myself (ie: not pregnant body and not jiggly post-partum body).

After seven months I feel like we're finally starting to get in a little bit of a rhythm as a family of four. Cason is taking 2-3 naps a day, one of which coincides with Cannon's afternoon nap. We eat an early dinner around 5:30 pm and then enjoy a run to the splashpad, a bike ride or just a quiet evening before bed. Danny bought a bike and a bike trailer this month, so we're venturing out on our bikes with the boys in tow. It's a nice break from pushing the double Bob!

Two friends got married, one had a baby shower and two different friends who had their babies this month so we've been celebrating all around. Jonathan came home from Tokyo for a few weeks so we've enjoyed visiting with him in person, although Cannon has asked several times to Skype with Uncle Joey. I guess he didn't realize that we were skyping him because he was so far away.

Our seventh anniversary was this month. My parents watched the boys overnight so we could get a little rest at a hotel in Grapevine. My only request for our anniversary "trip" was that we stayed at a place with a pool! We got a good read in along with a few yummy meals.

Danny's planning a 5k run along with running training programs at work, so he's busy, busy, busy. His newest/currant hobby is cycling so he's been venturing out on the streets with his bike after work for LONG rides. He hopes to commute to work on his bike one day, but he has to plan out the perfect route first.

And that was August.

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