Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Watch Your Fingers Cannon

For months now, Cannon has been scolded for trying to "feed the baby." It usually happens when I'm on a run and the boys are sitting side-by-side in the stroller. Cannon always has a snack trap of cheerios and raisins and at least once during the jog I would catch him trying to "share." Which was very sweet, except for the fact that Cason hadn't even had solid foods yet. 

But share away, Cannon because Cason can now chew Cheerios. And apparently they've worked out the perfect set-up, because I walked into the room to find this:

Yes, the Cheerio about to be consumed was dropped on the floor first. We live by the five-second rule in this house.

Better watch those fingers Cannon, there are sharp teeth in there!

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