Monday, October 08, 2012

Cannon at 27 Months

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30+ lbs and 35+ inches

He's wearing 2T clothes and 3T pajamas. 
His shoes are mostly Size 7 and 8.

Sleeps 10-11 hours at night with a  2-3 hours at his nap. 

His currently good night song that he asks for before every nap and bedtime is "Rockabye Baby" but he always asks "down goes Cannon?" meaning he wants me to insert his name instead of "baby" when I sing.

Still a good eater, although he has picky days and eat-anything days.

Cannon said "I'm SO excited!" when I told him we were going to the library. It was his first time to use an emotion and it was ridiculously cute!  The other emotion he's expressing is "I scared" when asked to go into a hut at the farmstead or when he sees a moving bug.

He's also speaking in longer and longer sentences these days. For example, he says things like, "Cannon watch Daddy go to work and earn the money." (And yes, he talks about himself in third person.)

I'm starting to realize he's repeating more and more what I say. He will often get in the car after a play date or a visit to grandparents and say something cute, like "I had fun at Nana & Papa's house." (I often ask him if he had funny with a friend, or if he had fun playing, or if he had fun visiting the library, etc. after we leave some place.)

I think I'm going to have start a "What Cannon said" journal because he's starting to say the funniest things. I hung a light in his room and when he walked in and saw it on he promptly said, "Light on Mommy! How 'bout that?!"

19 teeth - his third two-year molar is coming in (his top right). I haven't noticed that these are bothering him at all, other than he will drool occasionally and chew on his spoon/fork at the table.

This months obsessions are drinking out of the water fountain, especially at the library, as we walk right by it on the way to story hour.

Speaking of the library, Cannon LOVES library story hour. He asks to go multiple times a week and when we do go, he dances, calls out animals and the sounds they make and stands up enraptured the entire time.

Cannon's favorite books this month are the Billy and Blaze books. 

Cannon STILL loves Blue Bunny, but now he also carries around his baseball from the Rough Riders baseball game everywhere - in the car, to nap, to play, etc.

I got out a little stuffed Curious George for Cason's lovey (thinking that Cannon could have a bunny, while Cason had a monkey). Well, that lasted all of a day before Cannon saw GEORGE and decided he needed George and Blue Bunny. So, now Cannon carts both stuffed animals around, in the car and to naptime and I need to find something else for Cason!

Cannon does NOT like paint (or anything really) on his hands. This makes art projects quite interesting, especially if the paint doesn't wipe right off but stains a little bit.

Cannon does not like pants or jackets (or long sleeves). He's our summer boy and will whine and cry when I put anything long on him. It's going to be a long winter.

Cannon's health was great this month!

I gave Cannon his second hair cut ever this month - just a small trim in the back while he was in the bath tub (probably 1/4" - 1/2") to get rid of the mullet that was growing. 

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