Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012 Reading List

Slow and steady reading this year. Not nearly the amount of books have crossed my lap as I would have like, but little people have been snuggled instead and that's even better.

8. Circle of Friends by Mauve Binchy
This book took too long for me to get into. The last 1/3 was fabulous and a page turner, but the first 2/3s were slow moving with too many moving pieces/characters for my taste.

9. Infant Massage by Vimala McClure
I loved this book and think it's a great resource. There are tons of photos and great descriptions of all the techniques. I loved that she addressed bringing calm and peace to your relationship with your baby and that crying is sometimes a good release for your baby (and the only way they can communicate). I also liked that she talked about using massage to relieve different illnesses (fever, cough, congestion, etc.). I think this would be a great read for all expecting/new parents.

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