Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Family This Month (October 2012)

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**Here's a nice little sneak peak from our family photo shoot with Jennifer Strain Photography**

Where do I even begin with the month of October?

This was our month of illness, teething and growth spurts. For one week we all shared the stomach bug. I felt like a real family - one that shares everything - including sicknesses. No sooner had we recovered from the stomach bug than the boys shared a horrid fever. Cason's fever got up to 104 degrees, and a few days later Cannon was burning up at 106. Both temperatures warranted trips to the pediatrician. Both fevers turned into uncomfortable ear infections. So onto antibiotics went both boys, and Cason then had a reaction and rash in response to the antibiotic. No sooner were we finally on the road to recovery than Cason had a crazy growth spurt that had him eating around the clock and sleeping quite fitfully. Needless to say October was a little bit rough and NOT restful for us.

On the bright side, Danny applied for an got a new position/promotion at Cigna. He's now the Business Project Senior Analyst. What does that mean? Yea, I ask him that daily. Basically, he's the liaison between the end users and the software developers for system enhancements and client updates. Clear as mud? Good. Okay. All that to say, he's doing great in all of his roles at Cigna while working hard to provide well for his family.

In my photography world, photo shoots were happening all throughout the month. Lifestyle shoots, mini-sessions and a few family sessions. It's Christmas card season, and we even had the chance to get in front of the camera for our own family photos.

I feel like October was the month I learned to slow down, that I learned it's okay to stay home, and that I grew a little bit more content spending time with just me and the boys. Cason has reached the point where he doesn't nap on the go, and if we miss a nap he's an overtired basket case. So, that resulted in us pulling out of most of our morning activities (including running with friends) because after several exhausted, tear-filled, over-tired weeks I was done. When my children are well-rested and happy, Mommy's happy. So, we're learning that sometimes brothers make the best friends, and we fill our days with library story hours, our own morning runs, picnics at the park, play time on the floor, and errands. I'm learning that sometimes the simple life is the fullest life.

And just like that the holidays are around the corner. Hope you're having a great Fall!

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