Thursday, November 01, 2012

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Cason Reed - 

I feel like your life is flying by. Sometimes I look at pictures of your first few weeks and can't believe you were so small. You'll be a year old in just two short months. I'm avoiding thinking about your first birthday party as if ignoring it will mean that it won't happen, that I won't blink and find out you're taller than me.

You are my wild child. You do everything with gusto - you stuff handfuls of food into your mouth like cookie monster; you pull up and stand only to fall smack down into a tuck and roll; you throw your head back and laugh with your mouth wide open. You are a ball of intensity, and it makes us smile every day. You do nothing half way. You are completely happy or completely frustrated. There is no middle ground with you. 

You love your brother, you LOVE food, you love to talk, and you love playing with whatever is entertaining Cannon at the moment. You are starting to stick up for yourself by screeching when Cannon attempts to take toys out of your hand. I say "attempt" because you hold on for deal life while giving him an earful. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of the beautiful back and forth relationship of brothers. 

I love you Cason Reed - all the happy and loud and crazy parts of you. You fill our lives with laughter.


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