Monday, January 28, 2013

Eating Chalk

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Most times when I look back through these photos I think, "Aw, that looked like so much fun." "How sweet those boys are." and "What fun my life is."

When in reality, any activity we do these days is a desperate attempt on my part to keep from going crazy. 

A certain someone didn't take a nap and is cranky? Distract him with scissors and paper.

We're all going stir crazy inside? Try painting with water.

I'm wishing for an early bedtime? At 4 pm? Put the kids in the bath and hope they play until dinner.

Our activities are usually my feeble attempts at survival. It's my hope to get a few moments to breathe, a few moments with no one clinging to my leg, a few moments when no one is asking for more raisins, a few moments when I can check Facebook.

And so, while these photos look sweet, endearing and precious, don't let those innocent faces fool you. They had previously worn their poor mommy out so much she was willing to deal with the mess of Cason eating chalk just for a few moments of peace. I mean, I never thought I would wonder, "How should I go about getting that chalk out from between this teeth?"

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