Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 Reading List

1. You Are Your Child's First Teacher by Rahima Baldwin Dancy

This book was hard to for me to get through, but I took a lot of notes and it really was a wealth of information. I dont't agree entirely with the philosophy or spiritual side of the Waldorf method, but I appreciate the play-based approach to education and the slow growing up process at Steiner emphasizes. I liked be idea of utilizing rhythms into our days, creating peaceful and unhurried environments and offering creative play options for my boys. I'll definitely be returning to my notes on this book as I create more schedule and rhythm in our home this net year.

2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
I read this book because I saw the movie trailer. And I don't like to see movies until I've read the book. 

I was fully prepared to NEVER watch this movie. I was fully prepared to tell everyone I knew to avoid the book and the movie all together. And then I got the last few pages and twists upon twists, the plot unfolded and the entire book fell in my lap and made sense. Then I couldn't stop thinking about it, analyzing it, and I definitely can't wait to see the movie.  

So, if you're going to read this, I'd suggest you buckle down for its entirety and be prepared to be hit in the face with some harsh realities of the American high school as you make your way through the pages. It's not always pleasant, more often than not it's disturbing, but chances are there are reasons for the things that go on.

3. Home Learning Year-by-Year by Rebecca Rupp
I read the first few chapters of this book and then quickly skimmed the rest. It's a pretty comprehensive overview of what is covered in each grade. I'm not going to say that each child needs to know all of those things in those grades, but if you're looking to get an idea of subjects/topics to cover in what grade this is a fabulous starting point. She listed tons of resources, although the book is 13 years old, so alot of the websites were a little out of date.

4. Before Five in a Row by Jane Lamert
This was a nice little book on picture books and corresponding activities, but it's just not for us at this stage right now. I often feel overwhelmed by life tasks and caring for children that the thought of planning even the simplest a activities every day wears me out. I'm leaning towards the Waldorf philosophy that life is our curriculum right now. I simply try to let Cannon help me with anything and everything and those are our activities!

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