Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our Family This Month (January 2013)

To kick off the first month of the year, we celebrated New Years with friends and Cannon stayed up until midnight playing and watching Cars. Would you believe he then only slept in 20 extra minutes on January 1st? Apparently his internal clock just goes off at 7 am no matter what.

Cason had his first birthday this month, and we marveled at how quickly time has passed since he was born. We celebrated with a morning at the park, donuts, and then a birthday brunch surrounded by family and friends.

Cannon was potty trained this month. The first week was rough, but he caught on quickly and has done great both during the day and all night. I didn't realize how hard it was having two kids in cloth diapers until I suddenly only had one! I'm ready to potty train Cason right now.

Danny took the boys to an Allen FFA stock show so I could have a Saturday morning break. They are starting to enjoy more and more "guy time" as the boys get a little older and a little more mobile.

Other than that we attended our regular library story hours, ran at the park, had sewing night with friends, and built lots of train tracks on the floor with the boys!

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