Friday, February 08, 2013

Cannon at 31 Months

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(same) 30+ lbs and 35+ inches

He's wearing: 
Clothes: 2T
Pajamas: 3T
Shoes: Size 7 & 8

(same) Sleeps 11-12 hours at night with a  1.5-3 hour at his nap. 

(same) Eats a ton some days, hardly anything other days. 

Apparently, this month is the "Funny Things Cannon Says" edition:

I asked Cannon if he wanted to sleep in his jeans for naptime and he replied, "No I want to sleep in my diaper and in my legs."

Cannon went to get in his chair for breakfast and then says, "Oh, I poopy. I forgot. I go change my diaper by myself!" while running to his bedroom. Needless, to say I was close behind.

Cannon woke up from his nap and said, "I want Glammy. She has a beautiful necklace."

Cannon tells me, "Take your glasses off Mommy, so I can see your face."

Cannon has started asking "What . . ." all the time. "What's on my window?" "What's that noise?" "What's that crane truck doing?" etc. It's cute and mildly exhausting all at once.

(same) 20 teeth

Cannon loves "The Great Big Fire Truck" book.

No new dislikes this month.

Cannon's been in good health this month. Finally, we're all starting to be well and over our colds/illnesses!

I've been trying to include Cannon in more chores to learn to "help" me. He's been learning to fold laundry, and can "ALMOST" fold cloth wipes into quarters.

I've started opening Cannon's car door and letting him crawl in himself. It takes a minute, but he can do it. It gives him something to do while I'm buckling Cason into his carseat. He also wants to buckle his own seatbelt lately, but still needs help with the bottom buckles.

This was POTTY TRAIN Cannon month! After a year of two kids in cloth diapers, I was ready. For Cannon's sake, I won't go into details here (you can email me if you want tips/my thoughts/our experience), but after a week we had our first accident-free day and it just got better from there!

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