Monday, April 08, 2013

Cannon at 33 Months

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(same) 30+ lbs and 35+ inches

Cason's growing. Clothes are getting small. I pull out pants and realize they only come down to his ankles. I took an afternoon while Danny watched the boys and ran to various consignment stores to get Cannon's Spring/Summer wardrobe. 
Clothes: mainly 3T (he does still have some 2T shorts from last summer that magically still fit)
Pajamas: 4T
Shoes: Size 8

(same) Sleeps 11-12 hours at night with a  1.5-3 hour at his nap. 

(same) Eats a ton some days, hardly anything other days. 

I asked Cannon if he wanted oatmeal for breakfast and he replied, "Actually, I want eggs."  (This kid cracks us up daily with his new phrases.)

(same) 20 teeth

Cannon's favorite animal is a camel and his favorite color is white (per an impromtu mini-interview).

Someone loves his brother (most times). Cannon is starting to ask where Cason is when he wakes up from a nap, almost like he looks for him to play with.

Cannon's favorite books this month are "Johnny Appleseed" by Steven Kellogg, "William Tell" by Margaret Early and "Sky Tree" by Thomas Locker.

In the same month that I see Cannon growing closer to Cason, he's also growing rougher. Cannon's been very rough with Cason (hitting, pushing, knocking over and taking all toys). I'm constantly watching him and reminding him to be "gentle and kind." It's exhausting.

Still healthy and strong.

Again, I'm going to err on the side of less info for Cannon's sake, but after potty training Cannon was also able to go off of Miralax!

I'm also going to declare Cannon potty trained. After a month he's dry all day and night and during nap times. The first week was harder than I thought, but overall it was quicker and easier than I expected.

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