Wednesday, May 22, 2013

First Sprinkler of the Summer

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So we laid sod in the backyard. I have been waiting two years for some grass in our yard and it has not disappointed. We LOVE it! Sprinklers are so much more fun when you don't end up creating a huge messy mud puddle halfway through. 

We had our first sprinkler play of the seasons it was a blast. This is shaping up to be the most fun summer yet with the boys. Cannon has overcome his aversion to sand/grass/crazy textures/etc. and Cason is old enough to play and keep up with his big brother. 

Buckets are a staple in this household. We keep them in the car and take them to playgrounds and splash pads. They made everything more fun. They also keep the boys hydrated, as I can't seem to keep them from drinking the drops they catch. 

Finally, it makes me smile that Cason doesn't quite understand the concept of oscillating sprinklers. He gets surprised every time the water hits him, and rather than move he just freezes and grimaces and then laughs hysterically when it's over! 

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