Sunday, June 02, 2013

Baby Belly #3 - Week 20

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HALFWAY! Wow. I had my first panic attack this week. I realized how quickly the first half of this pregnancy flew by, how we'd done NOTHING to get ready for this baby and just how quickly the second half of this pregnancy is probably also going to go. So, I started the "Baby #3 Bucket List" which is my "to do list before the baby comes" and now I feel much better. We still haven't done anything, but at least it's written down. ;-)

We had our 20-week sonogram this week. We made it through the entire thing without finding out the gender of this baby. I'm amazed I didn't cave, but now the fun of guessing begins! Watching this little one on the sonogram, it was evident that this might be our most active child yet. The poor sonogram tech had trouble keeping the heartbeat on the monitor, finding things, and just keeping the baby in view in general because he/she were moving so much. That's just what I need for the third child - our wildest one yet! The sono tech also made me turn into crazy pregnant woman and almost cry on that table because she said things like, "I can't see what I want to see looking at the heart, so we'll come back to that." WHAT?! Who says that? I almost asked, "Is that code for: your midwife is going to be talking to you late about a horrible horrible problem?" Well, turns out everything checked out, we just have a wiggler on our hands. 

Still feeling like this little one is a boy this week. Obviously I'm not making any calls on this because I waffle back and forth from week to week! But it's fun anticipating and guessing and wondering. Somehow the unknown isn't stressing me out, it's more like a fun waiting game. 

This week has been hard in regards to weight gain. I know. I'm pregnant. I'm suppose to gain weight. I think though that three pregnancies in three years is taking it's toll on me emotionally. Gaining 30 pounds, losing 30 pounds, and again, and again is wearing out the girl in me that just wants to run, fit in her cute jeans and feel pretty. 

Other than that the only other thing barely worth reporting is that heartburn showed up this week. Random meals cause it and it's not all the time, but it was there nonetheless. 

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