Sunday, June 30, 2013

Baby Belly #3 - Week 24

My sweet friend Julia let me borrow a big bag of her summer maternity clothes. It's been AWESOME some cute tops to freshen up my wardrobe. I do love being pregnant in that you get to wear all new clothes. I think us gals should swap clothes on a regular basis. My non-pregnant wardrobe is old and out of style (although what do I expect when I haven't purchased anything new in four years because I keep getting pregnant!).

Sweet Baby gets hiccups almost daily now. They don't last very long, but I feel little rhythmic jolts at least once a day. We had our 24 week appointment with Carol at the Allen Birthing Center. It was good to see her again (she helped deliver Cason) and catch up. My belly is measuring 24/25 weeks, right on track which surprised me because I feel so much bigger this time around.

Finally, we're starting to be able to see the baby's movements on the outside of my belly now. It's fun comparing how different my children act in utero. Cannon had slow, fluid movements. Cason always felt like he was trying to straighten his legs and stretch out, and this child throws the jerkiest punches and kicks of them all.

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