Saturday, June 08, 2013

First Fishing

Danny has had a miniature fishing pole tucked away in his closet since Christmas just waiting for the perfect day to take Cannon fishing. The only problem . . . Cannon found it and would ask every few days if it was time to go fishing yet. 

Finally, finally it was time. The boys went to a stocked catfish pond in Mesquite and came home with dinner. 

I don't think Cannon quite understood what was going to happen when they went fishing because he enjoyed holding the pole until they caught their first fish. Danny helped him reel that catfish onto the shore and Cannon wanted nothing else to do with that pole. He watched Danny catch the second one. 

He also wasn't so sure about tasting their fresh catch, but Danny sure enjoyed his fried catfish dinner.

The following are a few photos from Danny's phone that he managed to capture while he was keeping kids from falling in the lake.
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