Saturday, June 08, 2013

Cannon at 35 Months

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Really not sure any more. I'm excited to go to his three year appointment next month to find out his stats.

Shirts: 3T
Shorts: 2T & 3T
Pajamas: 4T
Shoes: Size 8

Night: 11-12 hours
Nap: 2 hours

Still a picky eater. He does great at breakfast and lunch, but most dinners he hardly eats anything at all. 

Cannon has entered the "Why?" stage. Ah. The sheer bliss of answering the same questions over and over and over and over again. He's not quite straight on the context, but that doesn't stop him from asking "Why?" or "Why not?" all the time. For example, I'll see, "Let's go home and take a nap!" to which Cannon replies, "Why not?" This results in a quizzical look from me and a reply of "I don't know, why not take a nap? It sounds like a good plan to me."

(same) 20 teeth

I didn't record any new "likes" this month. 

Nothing new this month.

Great this month.

Cannon is pretent playing more and more. He'll tuck the little plastic animals into bed in the barn and say, "Good night. Sleep good. I love you." and then give each of them a kiss.

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