Thursday, June 06, 2013

Peek-a-boo (also known as Pick-on-Brother)

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Cason LOVES peek-a-boo. And he's not expressive or dramatic at all (insert sarcasm here) which makes playing peek-a-boo all the more adorable. 

Cannon cannot be left out for very long when Cason's getting attention, so Big Brother joined in the on the fun. Allow me to narrate for you the scene as it unfolded.

Brothers are playing by the rules . . .
Cannon quickly decides that this game of peek-a-boo is way too dull and a choke hold should be added to the mix. 
Referee Mommy quickly vetoes the choke hold and enforces the penalty kiss for rough play.
Cason decides to take matters into his own hands and retaliates with the stiff arm.
Referee Mommy again steps in with the penalty kiss, but the game of peek-a-boo has quickly gone down hill and she is forced to abandon her camera for more drastic measures of intervention.

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