Monday, July 08, 2013

Cannon's 3rd Birthday Sandbox & Water Table

Cannon's 3rd birthday gift was a sandbox and a water table, both made by Danny's bare hands. They are awesome if I do say so myself. I must say that I LOVE having a handy husband. I show him a pin on Pinterest and by the time I turn around it's complete in my own backyard. For those interested in the DIY "hows" I've included some links at the end of the post for you.

Cannon actually helped Danny "build" the sandbox as we didn't have enough evening hours to keep it completely secret, but he didn't see it open and full of sand until the evening of his third birthday. His smile was priceless. 

So this is how Cannon spent his birthday afternoon/evening. 

Then Nana and Papa came over for dinner/dessert and brought with them all kinds of presents in the form of new sandbox/water toys! The hours of entertainment ahead of us thrill this mama! I foresee many years of wet and sandy play in our future!

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The Water Table:
I'm actually really excited about this water table, because it can double as a sensory bin table. I can put anything I want in those tupperware bins!

The Sandbox:
We mulled over many different designs for sandboxes and finally just settled on a simply design with a lid based on Young House Love's sandbox.
  • Our sandbox has no wooden bottom. Danny just laid down weed block and put the sandbox straight into a leveled hole he dug int the ground.
  • Danny originally built the box with one large lid, but it was too heavy to lift because he used actual 2x4s. He split the lid in two and now each section hooks to the fence to secure it from falling over. 
  • We talked about doing rocks/pebbles instead of sand (like Young House Love) but decided sand was more fun. Danny found a ton of soft, fine sand through a masonry company in town. 
  • Sometimes I do wish our sandbox had seats, as Danny or I often sit a board across the corner to play. Maybe we'll add some later.
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