Monday, July 08, 2013

Cannon's Months (vs. 3)

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Sweet Cannon,
I love you. I have LOVED photographing you. You are the one who sparked all of these weekly, monthly, crazy photos! You have changed our lives in more ways than we can even count.

I LOVE seeing your smile every morning. I marvel at hearing you talk. Your mind and imagination know no bounds and you astound us with the things you notice and remember. My favorite thing you say is "I know! I have an idea!" How can we not try whatever your idea is when it's presented so enthusiastically.

I can't believe we've had 36 amazing months being your parents, watching you grow and learning who you are and who God is creating you to be.

Happy Happy Happy 3rd Birthday Cannon Boy. You are a joy and a I'm so glad I get to say, "I'm Cannon's Mom!"


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