Monday, July 08, 2013

Cannon at 36 Months

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At his three year appointment, Cannon weight in at 34.8 lbs (75%) and measured 38.5" (80%). The last time we measured Cannon (when he was 2.5 years old) he was only 36.5" which explains why none of his t-shirts are fitting properly.

Shirts: 3T
Shorts: 2T & 3T
Pajamas: 4T
Shoes: Size 9
Cannon can wear 2T and 3T shorts no problem, but his 3T shirts are already getting small for the summer. He must be having a growth spurt.

Got Cannon a new pair of sandals from Babies R Us in Size 9. I've decided I'm going to stop buying him consignment sale shoes b/c they don't fit him right and being as active as he is, he needs well-fitting shoes.

Night: 11-12 hours
Nap: 2 hours

I don't think Cannon has eaten dinner in weeks. He eats breakfast and lunch fairly well, but there's not a terrible amount of variety there. We eat lots of eggs, baked oatmeal, fruit and yogurt for breakfast. Lunch is often turkey, cheese, fruit and nuts or peanut butter and honey sandwiches (if we're having a picnic on the go). At dinner he often declares that he doesn't like something before he's even tried it. Or he'll ask for lunch or a snack. The answer is always "No." and he always has to eat a bite of everything on his plate before he can get down, but he rarely eats more than a bite. 

I don't even know how to describe Cannon's talking any more, other than he talks great! Full sentences. Full on negotiations. Full on arguments. Full on yelling, "NO!"

(same) 20 teeth

Cannon takes off his shoes the instant we go inside our house, or anyone's house. I think he partly knows that that is just what we do in our home, but I think he partly just LOVES to be barefoot. We were sitting on a blanket waiting for the fireworks to start on the 4th of July and Cannon akes his shoes off. When asked why he was taking his shoes off, Cannon replied, "Because I want to put Blue Bunny's fingers in between my toes." I'm not sure what that means, other than he does love to rub Blue Bunny's ears on his cheek/nose/face. So he must like to rub Blue Bunny's extremities on his feet too.

Cannon current favorite shoes are Caillou and Pajanimals.

Nothing new this month, unless you count obeying Mommy. The "three's" are definitely upon us because Cannon tests the waters whenever he gets a chance. He'll defiantly say "No!" when given instruction and instead of obeying right away he'll often wait and watch to see if I was serious about my directions to him. 

At his three year check up, Cannon once again failed the hearing screening. Because he has now failed twice (at both his two year appointment and his three year appointment), the doctor recommended we see an ENT for a thorough hearing test (not just a screening like they perform at the pediatricians). We have an appointment at the end of August. The pediatrician was not very concerned because she said that normally kids with hearing issues have trouble speaking and are difficult to understand, neither of which is Cannon.

I think our biggest milestone this month is that we've reached the end of Cannon's monthly photos. After three years, I'm hanging up the cute little dog with the dry erase board that hung on the hospital door when he was born. I'm sure I'll be taking quarterly photos, or at least a photo every six months, but the fun had to come to an end some time. 

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