Monday, July 08, 2013

Cannon's Schedule at 3 Years

Cannon's wake up time got progressively earlier and earlier while we were potty training. He had been consistently sleeping until 7 am. I didn't want him to feel like he had to stay in bed if he had to go to the bathroom, but when he was awake and ready for the day at 5:30 am something had to change.

We finally got one of those Okay to Wake alarm clocks and it's been awesome. If he gets up to go potty he knows he has to get back in bed if his light is not green.

I also use the alarm clock for nap time. I set it for two hours and Cannon knows to stay in his room/bed until it turns green.

I do feel like he's growing up and needing a little less sleep, as he'll wake up from his nap early (maybe after an hour and a half) once or twice a week. He'll call for me from his bed to ask if he can get up. Usually I'll give him a few books to read quietly in bed, but if he has less than 15 minutes left on his clock I'll let him get up. He's definitely not ready to give up nap time as he'll fall asleep in the car after church, ask for Blue Bunny if it's after 1:30 pm, and generally sleep for a solid two hours every day, so I'm very thankful for my good sleeper.

7:00 am - Wake up
7:30 am - Breakfast
9:00 am - Play group, walk at the park, library story hour, errands or destroy the house
12:30 pm - Lunch
1:30/2:00 pm - Nap
3:30/4:00 pm - Wake up
6:00 pm - Dinner
7:30/8:00 pm - Bath & Bed time

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