Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cason Time

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Sweet Cason - 
Every so often you wake up from your nap before Cannon. It's then that you and I get a few moments of "Mommy and Cason" time. It's so rare that it's precious. 

You're at this fun stage where everything is a new discovery to you. Colors, animals, shapes, sounds. It's all thrilling to you and we can repeat the same word back and forth a dozen times before you move on to something else. You are very content to play by yourself, so I just sit and watch you most times. I think you just enjoy having all the toys to yourself. You don't have to rush, compete for a favored car, or worry that someone's going to snatch anything out of your hands. You still love to put things in your mouth, and although you know that you're not suppose to (and you take things out the minute I tell you to), it's still one of your favorite things. And yes, sometimes I don't wonder if I didn't give birth to a little Cookie Monster.

Before long, our time is over and Big Brother comes strolling from his nap dressed in his latest get-up, and it's time to share again. 

I love you little guy and I cherish our fleeting moments of one-on-one time. 

Love, Mommy

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