Saturday, July 20, 2013

Baby #3 Bucket List

So, by the time you get to Baby #3, the list of "stuff" you need is fairly short (in comparison to Baby #1), but the list of "to dos" seems just as long. My "baby bucket list" with Cason didn't seem so overwhelming. But then again, I only had one child who slept like a champ, and I had time to do the chores and my nails all in one afternoon.

This time around I've been much more lax in getting stuff done. In fact, somewhere around 20 weeks I had a mini-freak out because I realized we were halfway through this pregnancy and had done absolutely NOTHING to prepare for this baby. I just knew that the second half of the pregnancy was going to fly by quicker than the first half and it put me in mild panic mode.

So, off Danny and I went for a brunch date one weekend to plan for Stiller Baby #3. It felt great to get everything out of my head and onto paper.

The major things we need to get done include:

Baby purchases (these are things I'm letting myself buy special because we're being surprised by the gender):

  • two yards girly fabric and two yards boyish fabric for the first few weekly photos. 
  • one pink & one blue newborn "going home" outfit
  • buy a few Etsy headbands for newborn photos (just in case)
Turn the office into the nursery:
  • Clean out cabinets and closet in office.
  • Find a small desk/armoire for computer that fits in our master bedroom.
  • Dismantle desk and cabinets in office. 
  • Patch holes in walls
  • Move in nursery furniture
  • Hang new hooks
  • Purchase ipod dock or sound machine
  • Purchase new pack n' play mattress
Prep the boys' room:
  • Buy new dresser (I like the six or eight drawer Hemnes from Ikea, but it's $300)
  • Put together Cason's big boy bed
  • Buy bedding for Cason's big boy bed
  • Purchase ipod dock or sound machine
Prep Labor & Delivery Bag:
  • Buy lavender essential oil
Personal Projects:
  • Buy/make Christmas presents
  • Order Cason's maternity/birth/newborn photo book
  • Finish Cason's quilt top
The big to-dos made it onto our calendar:

July/August To-Do List:
  • 7/20 - clean out office closet
  • 8/3 - build or buy a desk, dismantle old desk and cabinets
  • 8/10 - put together Cason's big boy bed
  • 8/31 - set up all nursery furniture
September To-Do List
  • Get maternity/family photos taken
  • Freeze meals
  • Coordinate freezer swap while I'm out for a month or two
  • Finish Christmas gift shopping/making
  • Wash newborn clothes
  • Put together bags for birth center and for the boys overnight
  • Set up infant carrier in Jeep
And our list of prioritized purchases/expenses looks something like this:
  1. Birth photographer
  2. Amoire/desk
  3. Boys dresser
  4. Van maintenence (oil change, timing belt, transmission fluid & sparks plugs)
  5. Bedding for Cason's big boy bed
  6. Pack n play mattress
  7. iPod docks (2)
  8. Lavender essential oil
  9. Four yards fabric
  10. Newborn onesies
  11. Etsy headbands
  12. Christmas presents
  13. Cason's photo book

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