Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baby #2 Bucket List

Do you know how many lists I made when I was pregnant with Cannon? Let me remind you:

Do you know how many lists I've made for this Baby Boy #2?
So, here's my second (and probably final "list") before this baby comes.

I've resurrected the Pregtastic podcasts on my ipod that last few weeks and have enjoyed listening to all things baby and childbirth. I listened to one episode about the "Baby Bucket List." Some of it was about things you might want to do before you ever have kids - oops - too late for that list. The other half was about creating a list of things you'd like to do once you're pregnant before the little munchkin arrives.

Well, I always have lists rolling around in my head, so they didn't have to tell me twice to jot things down and put them on the calendar!

Get Kids' Room Ready:
  • set up twin bed
  • buy sheets/comforter/pillows for twin bed
  • hang Cannon's name & picture
  • get Baby #2's name for wall (once decided)
  • get two more hooks for baby carriers
Create Activity Nook in Living Room:
  • buy bookshelves & storage bins
  • find a motor mat
  • organize toys
October To-Do List:
  • buy Christmas gifts
  • prepare for Advent
  • start rehearsing for birth
November To-Do List:
  • get office somewhat organized with both desks
  • get Christmas pictures taken for the last time as a family of three
December To-Do List:
  • freeze meals
  • put together birth center bags
  • wash newborn clothes
You'll most likely see these things popping up on my 3-in-30 goals for each month until the little one makes his debut!

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